Life Goals

I keep a running list of life goals in my head. Some are big, like publishing a knitting pattern. Others are small, like trying new foods, or reading new books. So maybe they’re more like year goals and month goals instead of life goals. However, month goal does not sound nearly as cool.

Today, I achieved one of my life goals. This particular life goal was to try boba tea. For those of you were are like, “what the heck is boba tea?”, it is a tea with flavoring that has these balls of tapioca at the bottom. You drink it with a wide straw, and every so often, one of those balls gets sucked up the straw and you munch on it. It’s really just a more entertaining way to drink tea.

Tonight, I gave it a try.Image

The orange one is mine. It’s mango black tea with mango “pop boba” pearls(they were like little spherical gushers). It was really tasty, and the pearls were fun to eat, though I’m not very good at getting them to come up the straw when I want them to. It’s something that I’d definitely like to try again, and in other flavors.


Also, in the realm of knitting, I have started on Nae. More details tomorrow.